The Classic L cable from HITCH: The most durable smart gadget for easier life

Ever wanted an easy plugging in and out your mobile charger day and night dark or not even looking for your socket, watching a movie without a painful grip to your phone!

Rotating your screen “Landscape mood” and looking for the best position to set your mobile and having a great gaming experience!

In HITCH we’ve created the most durable gadget that helps you out to easily plug in and out your charger with a simple touch, as the charging head stays in your phone or device and you just snap in or out your cable towards it and that’s it, you’re charging your phone and not worrying about how many you plug in or out.

With the latest magnetic technology, it allows you to use the same cable for all sorts of devices whether it’s a “type C – Micro – Lightning” it all comes in one box handy and reliable.

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