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Privacy worldwide & in Egypt

Privacy in Egypt is a word that is not commonly used, or even practiced. Whether it’s on social media or in real life, you need to always be careful and always keep an eye open. Our modern world requires that you stay connected 24/7, it only takes a few seconds for the world change and discoveries to be made. And with these requirements and the need to always be on top of news and aware of what is happening around you, comes the risks of being always connected.

Other than the fact that your mic, camera and location are always connected once you give access, you are always sent spam messages and e-mails from hackers that can easily be clicked on by mistake or just simply by opening that message. Try to remember the first time you decided to get a Facebook account, number one warning you often heard was to avoid uploading your personal pictures. It can get photo-shopped, you can be black-mailed, etc. Even the inventor of Facebook himself “Mark Zuckerberg” says that he covers his laptop camera for extra security.

Your houses and devices get smarter each year, an average household can have up to 10 devices connected at the same time. If you count your mobile phones, tablets or iPads, smart TV, PlayStation, etc. And you’ll find that often computers and laptops at schools, businesses and companies are monitored for the efficiency of work or for the protection of our kids. So, imagine a chain of computers in a school or a business is hacked.

In 2014, one of the biggest privacy hacks was attempted. And indeed succeeded, the hacker had access to more than 500 private photos of various celebrities from their iCloud storage. Just a simple hack through the feature “Find my iPhone” and the rest of the steps were just lucky guesses of questions and answers about each celebrity. And just like that, one of the biggest scandals in history, and received not only the public’s attention, but major media attention from channels such as the BBC. And before that in 2011, a hacker was able to access the PlayStation network system which resulted in the loss of 20 working days and 171 million dollars. So not only the mobile phones and tablets that can be hacked or compromised. And so many more hacks through out the history since the start of the technology world.

Other than those history scandals, small things that you might often find your self joking about with friends and family like finding mobile phone ad right after saying that you need a new phone. Or offers when you say you’re craving sushi today, and this is due to having your mic always recording what you’re saying. It might sound smart however some people find it a major red flag.

You don’t need to be a celebrity or someone with a high-profile job to make sure your privacy is secured or to take measures to secure yourself and your family. Yes, the technology world is getting smarter each day but also protection gadgets are even smarter, so you can enjoy being connected 24/7 but also have a peace of mind regarding your privacy and security.  One of the most convenient gadgets that are available now in the market is the camera cover. The camera cover protects from the number one problem that you’re always being warned about, which is the camera recording behind your back.

Hitch solved this issue in a very smart and easy way. This gadget works on not only your phone and laptop, but also your tablet and desktop. Very secure, safe, and the adhesive is extremely strong to ensure that it sticks easily and that it stays on for a very long time. It’s only 0.7mm thick, so it’s like having paper stuck to your phone or laptop. The gadget is also 15mm in width and 9mm in depth, also the colour is black. So instead of just the simple tape you have over your camera, you have Hitch’s product the “Camera Cover” that can flip to your needs, whether you want to use the camera or not, and it will definitely ensure your safety with a very reasonable price.

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