HITCH is a consumer driven company

Established in 2017, Hitch is a new venture which aims to offer high-quality tech accessories with high value to its consumers. We source intelligent solutions to solve our consumer’s tech inconveniences. From security to convenience, we provide your tech add-ons.

At Hitch, we work continuously to explore the trends of consumer reactions to the tech industry and sourcing the products and knowledge needed for our consumers to use their devices safely, securely and creatively. Our product designs and dimensions are chosen specifically to offer our consumer’s effective and visually pleasing products.

Hitch is a consumer-driven company.

We exist to serve our consumer’s tech needs through great customer service and product knowledge. All our products come with a Hitch guarantee of excellence, so if our products don’t meet our promise of excellence, you’ll get your money back, guaranteed.

Sustainability policy: At Hitch, we understand our responsibility for our external effects. Our aim is to work tirelessly to deliver products and knowledge to keep our consumers safe from external threats towards their devices. Our packaging is kept simple to reduce our carbon footprint and we are working towards fully recyclable packaging.

At Hitch, our procurement team works hard in sourcing products of environmentally friendly material, where possible, and working with our suppliers to improve their production process.

Vision and Mission:

Vision: Our Vision is to bring: high quality, ethically sourced and trendy tech accessories to every household. Delivered with brilliant product knowledge and customer service standards.

Mission: Our Mission is to provide our consumers with effective, and visually pleasing products which will offer them security and convenience.

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